About Us

Hi! I’m Tara, the designer behind Lucky Horn Gifts. I’ve always had a love of form and function, and creating personalized jewelry feeds my heart. It’s a way to delight my customers who want to show their personality and their affection through the jewelry they wear and gift to others, and to give back to those in need (see my charity commitment below!).

 Though my passions are unique designs for men, pet lovers, and cremation jewelry to honor the memory of those who have passed, I invite you to peruse the extensive range of customized jewelry I create.

 My company is founded on integrity, creativity, excellence and reliability, and through Lucky Horn Gifts, I strive to give each one of my customers an heirloom-quality keepsake that is custom-crafted to their requests and satisfaction. We’ve delivered more than 25,000 distinctive designs since our 2010 launch, and I work closely with each customer to achieve a cohesive design that represents their style, sentiment and individuality. I’d love to have the opportunity to work with you as well!

  Our charitable commitment: 

Ten percent of all Lucky Horn Gifts sales are donated to The Alzheimer's Association (ALZ.org), which is working to end Alzheimer's and other dementia through accelerated global research, risk reduction and early detection, as well as optimized care and support. We are proud to recognize and assist such a fine organization, and such a worthy cause.